Partnering with International Tree Foundation to plant trees

Ugandan women planting tree

We’re partnering with International Tree Foundation to support their work to plant and grow trees, restore and conserve forests and strengthen community and ecosystem resilience.

Founded in 1922, ITF is celebrating 100 years and is the oldest international tree planting charity in the world. With 5,018,288 trees planted in just the last 10 years, ITF continues to deliver multiple benefits for both people and the planet.

There are many great causes and organisations out there helping to tackle climate change, but there is something really appealing about the heritage and community-led focus which lies at the heart of their work. This is really important to us and aligns with our values. We are fortunate to work on digital strategy for some of the UK’s most inspiring new places with master planners, Landscape Architects and Ecologists who are putting landscape-led design at the heart of new development. We’ve learned about different species and habitats and the importance of delivering biodiversity net gain. We’re hugely fortunate to have these experiences here in the UK but we know that there is so much more to do worldwide to balance the effects of climate change and that some communities are not as fortunate as we are.

Planting trees worldwide

International Tree Foundation shares regular updates on the impact of its work around the world, with a focus in Africa and the UK.

We found this recent story about tree planting in Uganda in the Kasese District, with Karambi Group of People With Disabilities (KaGPWD) inspiring. Trees grown within a community are helping to reduce environmental impact from soil erosion, provide shelter from wind and create food sources and incomes for people with disabilities.

Planting trees at home

Just this month we experienced temperatures hitting 40 degrees in Cambridgeshire and were so thankful of the shade that a cobnut tree provided in our garden at home.  We planted it just 6 years ago and it is now providing food and shade for both us and the wildlife, as well as a wood source for creating plant supports for the garden from coppicing!

Conscious choices which affect the way we go about our day to day lives both personally, and at work are really important to us at famille. We are a business that is built on family values and we always try our best to evaluate the most effective way to operate our business. We’re looking at everything we do from pensions investments to the hosting provision for our website to make a switch to more sustainable and ethical solutions. We operate car free currently, opting for public transport solutions and have a company electric bicycle. That’s not to say we can fully commit to being car free long term, but it is something we are weighing up carefully.  Another important area for us is promoting healthy lifestyle choices, including plant based food choices and limiting the use of one time use plastics.

By partnering with ITF to support their work we are able to address the balance a little more alongside continually evaluating our personal and work life choices. We’ve committed to donate a percentage of our turnover, a very small gesture against a huge programme for climate change, and one we hope we can build on.

Supporting the team

We also spent a day with the team at ITF  to facilitate an audience and persona workshop which was a great opportunity to learn more about their work. This resulted in clearly defined personas to help guide their operational and digital marketing activity.

“Thank you for leading such a wonderful session” – International Tree Foundation

If you’d like to support International Tree Foundation, find out more about their work and how to donate here