Communicating purpose

The famille team sitting at a meeting table, looking at two laptops

2023 has been one of our proudest years yet. We’ve a way to go on our journey, but we wanted to share some of our successes in the hope that this may inspire or spark a conversation or an idea for your business, or the team you work in.

Our focus for 2023, began with better defining what our purpose is, and that meant spending more time exploring and communicating our social and environmental goals.

Why is purpose important?

It’s twofold really. A clearly defined and communicated purpose internally, manifests and touches every aspect of your work, processes and communications externally.

Having a clearly defined mission (‘why’ – the reason your business exists), vision (‘what’ it is that you want to achieve) and values (‘how’ you want to operate) leads to a more clearly defined purpose – and the best foundation and guiding principle from which to grow sustainably.

At famille, we are continually questioning why we do things and how that impacts people and the planet. Spending time with your team to work on purpose is a critical step in enabling your business and team to feel energised, inspired and on a journey together.

Where to begin?

A very good place to start is by exploring your personal values. How does your moral compass align with your professional one? If they don’t align then enjoying your work, individually and collectively as a team, is always going to be a challenge. When you have a clear purpose it’s easier to attract the right people – employees, suppliers and clients.

Start mapping out the things that matter to you and share those in a values workshop. Talking about your values will set the course to defining your mission, vision and purpose.

Who can become purpose-led?

Ultimately a purpose-led company is driven by a long-term goal that is deeper rooted and broader in perspective than just making a profit. You don’t need to be a charitable organisation to adopt this model. In fact all businesses should focus on creating a positive impact on society and the environment. It’s crucial in advancing our transition to a sustainable world.

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