Making an impact

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We’ve been getting our house in order and defining our purpose in relation to environmental and social goals. It’s great to take a little time out to reflect on where we are making an impact, before setting intentions for the year ahead.

People and the planet are facing huge challenges, both socially and environmentally. As Cop28 comes to a close, the UN climate talks in Dubai have left some nations reacting furiously to a draft deal on fossil which is seen as weak. We couldn’t agree more. Moving away from fossil fuel usage and investments has been a critical part of reducing our environmental impact this year.

Here are some of our achievements in 2023:

Environmental impact 

Volunteering 100+ hours with International Tree Foundation – a charity that has been inspiring communities to plant, protect and promote trees for the benefit of people and the planet since they were founded in 1922. We’re supporting ITF’s team with digital campaigns to further their work.

Donating 1% of our turnover to International Tree Foundation to support ITF’s ongoing tree planting and community work.

Switching our pension to be invested in ethical funds. Did you know that the carbon footprint of an average pension is 26 tonnes, causing a negative impact on people and the planet?* By moving our investments to green funds, we’re no longer driving deforestation or funding fossil fuels with our pension.

Taking the pledge to not work with any fossil fuel clients with Clean Creatives.

Clean Creatives seal

Reducing the carbon usage of our website, through low carbon web design as a result of a fantastic collaboration with Consider Digital. Check out the badge and link in the footer of our website. We plan to share the full report next year.

Opting for electric journeys, aiming wherever possible to reduce congestion and emissions.

Cycling 500+ miles to the office, through the changing seasons (rain or shine – well done Naomi!)

Increasing our knowledge, in Sustainable leadership with University of Cambridge – Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership (CISL), to put sustainable marketing, media and creativity at the heart of our offer.

Social impact

Investing in people, as an apprenticeship provider.

Taking part in fortnightly office yoga classes, with our fantastic yoga teacher Kirsty at Mind, Body, Soul and Wellness. To improve our physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Spending more time in nature, taking part in Plantober with International Tree Foundation. Enjoying the 30 Days Wild Challenge – set by The Wildlife Trust. Joining Friends of Cambridge Botanical Gardens, for time out of the office.

Encouraging the famille team, to opt for meat free meals, plastic use reduction and circular fashion purchases to reduce personal impact at home, or in the office. Our home and office locations are also powered by green energy.

Asking the right questions

Our impact is something which we continually work on as a team. It’s about making sure we ask the right questions and understanding that every decision we make affects the wellbeing of people and the planet.

For example:

Choosing an electric powered car was a decision long deliberated over. There are implications for people and the planet through: the production of the car, the lithium sourcing for the battery and its life span. Of course, not driving at all is the best option, as this reduces congestion and emissions. However, public transport options are often lacking in rural places and this can cause a wellbeing concern when waiting for onward connections, especially on dark winter nights! It’s important to carefully evaluate the options available and make the best choice you can with the options available.

What intentions will you set for the New Year?

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions, or feedback or just want to chat about our journey here at famille. Say

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*Source: Make My Money Matter