From Porto and Cambridgeshire, we’ve been walking more than usual to raise vital funds for The Wildlife Trust as part of the #BigWildWalk challenge.

We know it’s important to get out from behind the desk for a dose of fresh air, sky views and to interact with nature, but it’s all too easy to get engrossed in work and watch the daily steps decline. 

But the Big Wild Walk reminded us of just how important it is to get out and appreciate the wildlife all around us. 

We enjoyed 30km of walking in nature, from the riverside to woodlands and spaces in between, mindfully observing nature has to offer, in place of our phone screens. With the exception of a picture or video here and there of course.

Debbie is a member of The WildLife Trusts and loves working with our clients to help communicate their nature recovery missions and learning how they are increasing biodiversity net gain — from tree planting to building beetle banks. We’ve enjoyed recording podcasts and filming on location in some of the UK’s remaining ancient woodlands, and beside impressive lakes, talking to landscape architects and ecologists. So we wanted to do something positive for nature, to show our appreciation.

The total money raised by all those taking part in the Big Wild Walk (over £30,000) will help to fund nature’s recovery, like The Wildlife Trusts 30 by 30 projects.

Let’s face it – nature is on the decline and we are running out of time, so let’s all do what we can to support The Wildlife Trust and help nature’s recovery.

You can still donate to our Big Wild Walk here